Furniture Ranges

All our furniture ranges are built to last and are manufactured using traditional hand skills and modern production techniques in our own workshop in the Wiltshire countryside.

Every piece of our furniture is hand crafted from scratch from solid wood using “A” grade timber and materials.

Our drawers have Dovetail jointed fronts and are fitted by hand into each opening by our expert craftsmen.  Each door is also individually fitted and hung  by hand.

Each piece is hand finished either by spray painting your paint colour choice or applying by hand the wood stain of your choice.

We can even customise furniture to fit your space.

For example if you want a ‘wall’ of bookcases created to form a ‘library’ unit – we can do that.

If you want two wardrobes ‘scribed’ (joined) together to your specific size   – we can do that.

If you need a dining table made to a particular size – we can do that.

If you need a cupboard made to fit into an alcove – we can do that.

Just bring us your measurements.

T: 01985 840012